When one talks about party or any wedding, you always think of sweets. Due to the love for sweets, we used to intake sugar carelessly. And this intake of sugar can cause you to some of the most fatal diseases one can ever imagine of. The more usage of sugar intake is mostly related to the lower intelligence level and towards the low brain activities. The intake of sugar is directly related to your brain and its transmitter known as depomine. The more depomine you consume, the more you become ill. That’s not enough, but still there are other things due to which sugar is called a silent killer. Same of the most harmful things for which sugar is responsible are given below;


Stress has become a part of all our lives, be it a lawyer, software professional, homemaker anything. We are always in a hurry and always stressed about something.


Manuel Meme Uribe Garza, ‘The World’s heaviest man’ by the Guinness book of World Records. A Mexican by birth was as a technician in Texas, Dallas weighed around 597 kg, that’s around 1316 pounds. He is said to suffer from morbid obesity to the greatest extents to mankind. He has been bedridden since 2002, with the help of doctors and nutritionist he was able to lose approximately 230 kg (510lb). Alas! He died in hometown weighing 394kg (869lb) on 26 May 2014.


We, human beings, are living such a fast life that we don’t have enough time for our health, and due to this fast life, we used to eat fast food which used to save our time. “Health is wealth” is a famous proverb, and this proverb has stood the hardships, austerity and misfortune time. Well, now you need not to be upset or sad because we have some amazing secrets that will help you cooking healthier food you can imagine of and those tips are;